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Check out our manufacturing partner info for our Aztec Fifi Mexican Wines.

We trust that the financial upside is something that every business person would be satisfied with.  Remember, together we can realize your economic dreams.

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Aztec Fifi opportunities

400 years ago, wine pubs served wine locally, much like microbrew.  Ferm Fresh was a norm that went away when everyone inexplicably started drinking wine out of bottles.  Aztec Fifi celebrates that tradition- and was the first modern vineyard project to create wine in this style.   Our wines are Mexican in spirit and we are looking for manufacturing partners that would like to become part of introducing a new generation to the joys of wine with a meal.

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Maya B's Franchise opportunities

Imagine a restaurant designed to enable a franchisee to make money while they pay their workers $15 per hour in the US.  Our equipment, menu, and systems will help you become one of the better regarded restaurateurs in your community.  Contact us below for more information.

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Our food and wine store

Although it is designed for larger accounts, our store is also open to the public for food purchases.  Our Med-Mex items and specials will become available over time.  Keep in mind that American Latinos that eat a Med-Mex diet live longer than any large group of Americans.

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