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Aztec Fifi is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs, engineers, and business people.

Looking for:  Thoughtful Talent

If you like to run a business and would like a role that allows you to become known in your community as a wine business person, you'll probably like our manufacturing partner program:

  • One requirement is for you to have a certificate in your country or state that allows you to create wine and distribute it.  We are currently developing digital course work for countries like Mexico so that we can make it easy for our partners to get started without having to move somewhere else in order to attend class.  If you live in a country or state that doesn't readily have wine-making certification classes, let us know and we'll see what we can do!    

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  • If you are an advanced wine maker, getting involved with our wines as a manufacturing partner can bring you revenue stability that can help you grow wine sales of the wine that you already make.

  • When you find out that it isn't unreasonable for you to make millions a year in revenue, it starts to become clear:  If you like making wine or working with winery products, our program is probably the best on the market.  Contact us below and we will show you why.


Ferm Fresh Has Arrived!

                              Rebooting after 400 years trends upwards because maybe, it was a good thing.

Wine is a part of many people's history in the America.  In our case, our ancestors were making wine in Israel, Cyprus, France, Spain, and Italy for centuries before joining a team that helped to choose and differentiate the Malbec varietal that Bougainville brought to Argentina for further development by the Argentines.  As the team was full of talented people that went on to emigrate to the Americas, we celebrate everyone that was involved at every opportunity.  Our Aztec Fifi Cuate malbec is designed to provide the best entree to the Malbec varietal at a reasonable price.

Our other wines are all Ferm Fresh. The concept behind Ferm Fresh goes back to the reason that people started drinking wine in the first place.  They tested freshly fermented fruit and enjoyed it.  As mentioned, newly fermented wines dominated locally at pubs throughout the wine-making countries until bottling became a really large industry a couple of hundred years ago.  Our reboot, which is the first in modern times, is available everywhere and puts the concept of a microwinery into play for most of the world's population.


Our Manufacturing Partnerships



prepaid or financing available
  • Exclusive Manufacturing Rights: one metro area
  • Complete marketing support
  • Integrated Cloud ERP
  • Product training:  manufacturing and sales.
  • In-house stock ownership


[Additional Cost]

$ 10000

  • Exclusive Manufacturing RIghts:  one regional area
  • 1st priority for expansion
  • Allowed to develop and distribute one Ferm Fresh flavor and receive all royalties.
  • In-house stock ownership


Prep for Standard- Optional

  varies by locale                    

inquire about financing
  • Complete training to be licensed in your country or state to manufacture and distribute wine. 

The rollout is on.

If you start feeling that it's time to win some more...

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Actually, our program pairs well with a lot of different company types.  If you have a restaurant or cafe and want extra business, we are a solid option.  If you have a water distribution business, it is an excellent fit.  Even if you have a real estate business with empty spaces that you want a solid anchor tenant for, you'll find that our program is one of the better ways to create stable revenue.  It is up to you... but if you are interested in finding out more, please consider contacting us.